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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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shutdown of all lines last night. amy hollyfield is live at church and dubose. they said it should be full service. >> reporter: and we just saw a j line train go into the tunnel here at church and dubose. originally, the plan was that j passengers would have to perhaps here. we just saw one go in, so far, so good. muni is up and running, full service this morning. we won't be seeing the packed buses that we saw last night when the problem hit around the evening commute at 5:45. they had to set up bus bridges because all subway traffic was all subway trains were shutdown that is the good news this morning, huge improvement over what the evening commuters had to deal with because a transformer blew last night at the van ness stays. we did talk to a passenger this morning who said he was thinking about executing i had plan b.
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>> bicycle. that's my other option. it is not raining so i'll just do that. >> reporter: the good news, they've decided they can run all of their trains this morning into the tunnels. this happened muni said, because of the rains, there was some rain damage that caused their transformer to blow. last night was a headache for commuters this morning looks like it going to be smooth and problem-free we will be here watching. we know sue hall will be watching from our traffic center. great news, back on track this morning. no delays, full service ahead for all muni metro trains and buses are back on track. bart on time, caltrain, we are getting better even though we were having a rough start back
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to basics with your morning commute and mass transit. northbound and southbound 101 roadwork through marin starting south bound at greenbrae sir francis drake through strawberry blocked. eastbound 4 loveridge closed 5:30 roadwork. westbound drive not bad out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass. dry now for most of us, good news for the morning commute, sprinkles possible, as you head north especially northwest corner of sonoma county up to sea ranch on 1 scattered sprinkles even light rain in the green heading across annapolis road, this will start to head off to the east and looks like by noon most of the north bay will have steadier, light rain while the rest of us will be waiting on this system. the coast best chance of rain up north, upper 50s to near 60
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around the bay mostly cloudy, low to mid 60s inland north bay 50s with rain, everybody else mostly cloudy and low to mid 60s. 5:03. san francisco's ban on public nudity could be official today when supervisors take a final vote. protesters promise to be at today's meeting to make their opposition heard as well as seen. terry mcsweeney is live in the castro with more. >> reporter: here in the castro is where this push to allow public nudity began and really where a lot of opposition came up and big reason why it may be ending today. there's been a vote, 6-5 in favor of covering up. the vote may not be the only thing revealed today. take a look. members of the san francisco body freedom movement stripped in the board chambers november 20th, after that first vote, more of the same expected today because of this
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statement by the group: if they reject the ban we celebrate our victory. if they approve the ban we all get naked. if they lose they are going to strip. you have to wonder what they would do if they won. the supervisor weiner who represents the castro district is leading the charge in favor of the ban. >> i don't agree that having yellow hair is the same as exposing your penis at a busy street corner for hours and hours for everyone to watch as they go by. i just don't agree with that comparison. >> reporter: if approved is finalized the ban takes effect february 1st, next year. opponents filed lawsuit to block it, fines start at $100 and would increase, with every revealing crime that you commit. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning contra costa
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fire officials are getting ready to close four fire stations one in walnut creek and three in clayton, martinez, and lafayette. supervisors are expected to vote to officially shut them down for good after voters rejected a parcel tax in november. measure q would have preserved existing levels of fire service. officials say they will have to scale back responses to low priority calls. investigators looking into a deadly cabin fire near fairfax say it was caused by a marijuana glowing operation. a body was found burned in the cabin. the fire chief says the source of the blade was illegal wiring feeding -- of the blaze was illegal wiring feeding electricity into that shed. a water line under mountain view drive ruptured following sunday's storm causing the road to collapse.
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repairs are expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. soon workers blaming a clogged sewer line backed up and broken sewer lines all over that region sewage started spilling out of a money hole sunday morning, 30,000 gallons they are not sure if it reached a nearby creek. tentative settlement between port of oakland and union as oakland is getting extra business because of a port strike in long beach and los angeles. clerical workers on their eighth day of a strike. poverty workers in oakland set to vote on the proposed deal tomorrow. details not being released. the port and union workers have been bargaining for 16 months. former commander of a contra costa narcotics task force is expected to plead guilty to drug charges.
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he will admit to five federal counts, conspiracy to sell marijuana and meth, theft, robbery and civil rights violations. he was caught in a federal sting operation in february of last year with the guilty plea he faces minimum of 10 years. san francisco's supervisors are set to take a final vote this afternoon to amend the building code to reduce square footage requirement for residental units the microapartments would be 220 square feet, the measure initially passed after supervisor weiner it would be for new construction only. he also agreed to captain initial round of building permits at 375 microapartments. rents are expected to go for 1500 to 2,000 a month. when it has raining like it has been, my kids want to
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know can we play outside at recess, is there going to be football in our future? >> [ inaudible ] >> looks like north bay where we'll have steadier rain during the daylight, 5:00 all that rain is going to start spreading south, right now sprinkles northwest corner, sonoma county all of us could have sprinkles any time today, visibility unlimited not dealing with fog or rain this morning. mainly in oregon and eureka and crescent city now. impressive shield of clouds coming our way that's why i think we'll see the sprinkles become more light rain in the north bay noon, rain steady north bay 4:00, starting to head into the heart of the bay, it will be in most of the bay by 7:00. temperatures starting off around 50, hang out in the mid uper 50s at noon, near 60 by 4:00, back to the 50s by 7:00.
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tomorrow the rain will be steady in the morning, tomorrow's morning commute will be the one most affected by the wet weather. scattered showers wednesday afternoon. drier pattern thursday hangs around through at least friday so far, so good many san jose 87 northbound past hp pavilion, you can see traffic moving at the limit light dry roads no problems northbound through san jose 80 westbound past golden gate fields and university avenue into the berkeley curve, emeryville and the macarthur maze is at the limit. a little busier, i don't see stalls or accidents or slowing for your 80 east shore commute. good news for mass transit, muni back on track, all power restored, everybody is on schedule, on time, bart, caltrain, all mass transit, nobody reporting delays at 5:10 this morning. eastbound 580 san ramon road
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reports of a stall lane four also roadwork eastbound at greenville westbound commute still a good drive out of tracy and central valley up and over the altamont into the dublin pleasanton area, one-way traffic control traveling from pacifica over towards half moon bay or the other direction, highway 1 devils slide one-way control beginning 9:00 this morning to repair erosion from the last storms. 5:10. violence in syria is taking an ominous turn. next, the action that has the u.s. giving the government there a new warning. political job that new york's mayor bloomberg thinks hillary clinton would be per
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good tuesday morning. 5:13. sutro tower camera looking at san francisco across the bay into oakland clear out there. no real rain drops right now. a few sprinkles possibly. mike says if you are in the north bay chances are better for that this morning. you are about to see frightening video. an arrest warrant is out for a tv host involved in a stunt that left a chico man with severe burns while magician
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was per for on tv in the dominican republic. -- the host doused him with flappable cologne and his head was cover -- flammable colon his head was covered in flames, he is optimistic his face will heal with no scars his hand remains badly injured and very painful. troubling signs in syria intelligence reports suggests syrian forces may be preparing to use chemical weapons on their own people. u.s. official says according to recently obtained intelligence, syrian forces began mixing two chemicals needed to make sarin. president obama has issued a stern warning to president assad that the use of chemical weapons would be totally unacceptable. u.s. officials are concerned with the fight moving closer to the capital city of damascus the assad regime may be getting desperate and could use chemical weapons to crush the rebellion. pentagon appointing new military judge to hear the
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case of an army psychologist. military appeals court ordered the current judge removed because he did not appear impartial. gross ordered the defendant major hasan to be forcibly shaved during the trial. hasan is accused of murdering 13 when opened fire on fellow soldiers in 2009. >> the nation's airlines have taken in 36 billion dollars in revenue from airline fees this year they think they can make more. airlines officials are discussing ways to maximize passenger fees. tossing around the idea of new forms of travel insurance or giving travelers the chance to reorder meals. most airlines charge for food, cocktails, wifi and checked bags. word this morning that new york city mayor bloomberg is encouraging secretary of state hillary clinton to run for mayor next year. "the new york times" says
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bloomberg is concerned about the field of candidates that emerged so far to replace him. bloomberg is being termed out. he called clinton to urge her run. clinton reportedly made clear she has no interest in the job. this is especially significant because bloomberg is a republican and clinton is a democrat. he's trying encourage a democrat to run for his office. >> is he talking to the same people who want her to run for the white house? >> that's another story. >> stay tuned. >> mike will talk about when we get the rain coming back to the bay area. a few radar returns offshore, more impressive in the north bay, as we look now, from mount tamalpais vollmer peak excuse me, looks bull as we look at the east bay shore across to the peninsula. doppler spinning, picking up a lot of radar returns to the
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north and wet. >> that's the key. letting you know that is all coming towards the north bay. next batch developing on the left of your screen is going to head a little more north than to the east sea ranch, cloverdale, ukiah most likely to get hit by that over the next hour and a half at least, maybe two hours. temperatures right now unmostly cloudy sky, low to mid 50s except los gatos 49 and monterey -- 49. rain best during the day, up north the rest of us scattered sprinkles, rain will spread south tonight after the sunset, hang around through tomorrow's morning commute, then scattered showers wednesday afternoon and drier weather for a significant time thursday. here's a couple of areas of high pressure giving way to this next storm. another subtropical component
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which means healthy rain, nothing obnoxious like we saw over the weekend or too dangerous. 7:00 in the morning next batch live doppler picking up on hitting the sonoma county coast and moving inland. by noon, steadier rain in the north bay, by 5:00, comes down to i-80, then spreads south during the evening. overnight he rain north bay all of us covered by rain tomorrow morning through the noon hour except north bay where you can see clearing, lingering shower possible by 5:00, as we head towards the overnight hours into thursday morning drying trend, clearing and fog thursday morning especially north bay valleys where we get up to an inch of rain. half an inch on the peninsula. quarter inch south bay, 3/4 inch east bay. raiders no worries for that game, watch it here on abc 7,
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friday through monday, slightly cooler, definitely dry. good news for muni riders who were stranded last night due to a power outage. everything fully restored, just got word from muni that all power is back all trains, all buses on schedule full speed ahead this morning, great news for muni riders no delays system wide bart, caltrain, all mass transit on time. southbound and northbound 101 roadwork through marin picked up by 6:00 this morning, begins southbound around greenbrae and northbound in the strawberry area for repaving work eastbound 4 closed at loveridge another 10 minutes detour in place roadwork as well. stall east 580 san ramon road, noncommute direction right lane and commute direction westbound commute looking good, speeds at the limit or slightly unout of tracy less
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than 20 minutes from the -- altamont pass. 5:20. teenaged girls who light up may be smoking their way towards osteoporosis later in life. new study finds the teenaged female smokers accumulate less bone in critical areas like lumbar region of the spine and hips, making them brittle. researchers say that is worrisome because 50% of bone growth occurs in adolescence. friends and family organized a flash mob in that amazing show of support for an elementary schoolteacher battling cancer. hundreds gathered in a field outside massachusetts general hospital in boston to surprise the teacher she hasn't been feeling well enough to handle calls and visits they organized a choreographed dance to lift her spirits. the large group spread out to form a giant heart, friends played music in her hospital
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room so it synced up with routine on the field. news flash for deal hunters, burger king offering whooper this week for just 55 cents, to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the sandwich, good thursday through sunday. here's the catch, you have to buy another whooper at full price. if you buy the full priced one you can get me one for 55 cents. >> wow, okay now that i know. the whooper is 55, holy smoke! >> next the controversial statement about a terrible tragedy involving a kansas city chief's football player having some calling for the fire of bob costas.
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welcome back. live doppler checking out sprinkles around sea ranch, better chance of organized wet weather offshore headed your way in the next hour and a half. impressive totals in the north bay up to two inches in the mountains up to an inch and a half in the valleys, 3/4 around the bay up to a quarter of an inch in the south bay. spike in rivers up north nowhere near flood stage
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for the napa river. north same as you head towards st. helena, napa river will stay well below flood stage. good news for muni commute there's morning who were stranded yesterday, everything back in full service, all power back, no delays for mei all mass transit on time, expect a nice ride on muni got our fingers crossed. highway 1 devils slide, one-way road control as you make your way from the coast towards pacifica or veers versa due to erosion from -- or vice versa due to erosion from the storms. light traffic into san francisco, no metering lights. 5:26. growing debate in morning over remarks broadcaster bob costas made about gun control during halftime of nbc's sunday night football it has some calling for his firing. while discussing the weekend
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murder-suicide involving jovan belcher and his girl , costas said if belcher didn't possess a gun and he perkins would be alive today that triggered a backlash from gun rights advocates some calling for nbc's ouster. no comment from the network. manning brings the broncos to the coliseum this week. we will carry the game live here, we will make it raiders day. [ unintelligible ]o q! relief for muni riders that is our big story. all night effort to fix a power problems seems to be paying off. what muni is saying now about the morning service. big mess in marin. what is happening after a school shutdown after water
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good tuesday morning. 5:29. thanks for starting your day , i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. muni riders getting from point a to b again this morning after power outage put the brakes on service last night. amy hollyfield has the good news live at church and dubose. >> reporter: i can show it to you, here comes an n judah now one of the lines that was only going to have partial service this morning but they were able to get it fixed in time for the commute. commuters are relieved. they had visions of dealing with the same congestion they had last night. a transformer blew at about
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5:45. they shutdown all underground trains. we tacked to a man who works the graveyard shift -- we talked to a man who works the graveyard shift. he is happy to hear that he's going to get home problem-free. >> as long as they got it back up, that's okay. i didn't want to walk again. i had to walk into work. didn't want to have to walk back. i'm glad it is back up. >> reporter: here's a shot we captured at 5:00 this morning of the first j line going into the tunnel this was news worthy, because originally they didn't think the j or the n would be able to go into the tunnels this morning -- this morning that those passengers would have to transfer at dubose and church but they worked overnight, they got it fixed and service has returned to norm a sue hall has been monitoring -- to normal. sue hall has been monitoring this. she joins us now. thank you. great news relieved commuters on muni this morning, i'm sure
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as amy is reporting we two to see the train going through that tunnel, great news, power restored, no delays, everything is back at full speed ahead, all mass transit looking good at this hour, no problems for anyone as we get your tuesday morning off and running out of antioch towards pittsburg and concord starting to slow towards hillcrest on to 242, speeds still not too bad in that area slowing a bit out of central valley up and over the altamont pass 20 minutes into dublin pleasanton towards the dublin grade. we start with live doppler, rain dancing around cloverdale and you can see live doppler 7 hd updating some of that light rain, about 20 minutes you get another possible streak of light rain maybe even sprinkles in cloverdale, still around sea ranch down to --
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where they are going to remain very light. another batch developing off the coast, that is going to head to the north bay many what we are going to see as we head through the morning commute, sprinkles mainly in the north bay, becoming light rain towards if you are at the coast in the north bay you are going to get wet upper 50s to low 60s around the bay mostly cloudy, low to mid 60s main north bay, east bay, south bay dry upper 50s to mid 60s. students will be back in class this morning at a marin county middle school close -- closed because of flooding at white hill middle school, significant damage, school leaders say flooring and walls may have to be replaced. some classes will be moved to other rooms. in the santa cruz mountains crews are trying to
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get downed trees cleared before the next storm. vine hill road could be closed for some time half the road is gone with the soil beneath it for the people who live nearby, major inconvenience. the one-lane that still remains could be open for one-way traffic later today. be sure to stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track the systems any time with live doppler 7 hd we want your weather photos send them to us at ureport. breaking news out of petaluma. very large home is on fire. dispatchers tell us they got the call to the house on stagler lane shortly after 3:30 this morning. they are still there trying to put it out. we are working on getting more information we'll bring it to you as soon as the information becomes available. wheelchair bound woman in the hospital with
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life-threatening injuries after getting run over by a muni streetcar this happened near the intersection of market and church around 5:30 yesterday. a passenger shot this video from his apartment moments after leaving the train. he says he heard a man pounding on the streetcar yelling for the operator to stop. the woman was rushed to san francisco general. police are investigating whether she leaned forward into the train or fell out of her wheelchair. santa clara county auditors released skating report that finds board of -- scathing report that finds board of supervisor -- shirakawa has been investigation for using his county procurement card for items including golf fees in nevada casino hotel stays and unauthorized he rental upgrades and failing to properly report the charges. the audit demands that shirakawa immediately reimburse more than $12,000 in
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all he's accused of 240 questionable charges totalling more than $36,000 since 2009. we are going to have to wait to find out the details on a person arrested after a missing tenned girl with severe autism turned up in san francisco. u asked to help find the 16-year-old when she walk add -- walk walked away from a group home in oakland. she was found two days later on a muni bus, her parents tell us she was an assaulted. police will only say an arrest has been may. new details about a armed robbery at a palo alto walgreens. police released this video of the suspect, he pulled a gun on a pharmacist and demanded the pain reliever oxycontin. sunday a sim dressed man
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robbed a -- a sim alarm dressed man robbed a cvs in cupertino and demanded cash. 5:36, dry now is that going to last? >> probably not. [ unintelligible ] good morning here's a look at live doppler, fairly dry for most of us, sprinkles north bay, more organized wet weather over the coast headed your way by 7:00. as far as temperatures, mostly cloudy, keeping us in the low to mid 50s, except los gatos at 49. here's another way we could tell that is moist and mild air mass this morning, temperatures warmer than they were yesterday morning from six degrees in san francisco redwood city, mountain view, los gatos, antioch, 13 napa, 11 in santa clara we were tphreufrting with 30s in the north bay we were flirting
5:37 am
with 30s in the north bay yesterday. more organized wet weather will develop in the north bay noon the rest of us could have sprinkles, organized weather will be up there. rain will start moving south, cover all of our neighborhoods during the evening. we'll top out around 60 today, 50 during the evening. rain tomorrow morning, scattered showers for the afternoon. dry weather for thursday and friday. good morning. sigh of relief for muni commuters, especially subway system everything back up and running after last night with the power outage. muni worked overnight got that back on track, everybody is on time, you can get to the subway and downtown on inbound trains on all muni lines all mass transit looking good. san rafael southbound past the civic center tail lights towards lincoln and central san rafael at the limit,
5:38 am
roadwork picked up southern marin golden gate bridge to four lanes southbound into san francisco, no problems fog-free too. toll plaza no problems as you make your way into san francisco. good morning. i'm katie marzullo live in the newsroom with a turn of events that would guarantee kate and william's bundle of joy will rule england. the baby will wear the crown even if it is a girl, i'll explain. typhoon barrel across the philippines. next, the deadly toll it has taken and the
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5:41. we continue to follow breaking news out of philippines where the death toll stands at 40 after a powerful typhoon hit the region this morning. typhoon bopha slammed into the region destroying homes and triggering flash flooding, 30 villagers and soldiers have drowned one of the strongest storms to hit in decades more than 50,000 have left their coastal homes headed for higher ground. the same area was hit by another storm last year it killed more than 1200. the world is on royal baby
5:42 am
watch while the mother to be kate middleton is in a long done hospital suffering from extreme morning sickness. her baby is going to be the first royal heir subject to new rules governing succession. >> reporter: of course they have always been crowd pleasers now they are going to be trailblazers their first born will be the first born under the new rules that ensure it will be next in line for the crown, regardless of gender. last year leaders of britain agreed to give females equal status with males in order of succession. for last 100 years if the est child was a girl she would only be queen if none of the younger siblings were boys. now this baby will follow prince william to throne. prince william will follow prince charles. the extreme morning sickness for which kate is in the hospital is commonly associated with twins. if kate is in fact carrying
5:43 am
two babies they would be third and fourth in line. >> duty of the wife of the future king is to provide an heir and hopefully, a spare. >> reporter: the current spare is prince harry. kate and william's baby leapfrogs him to the throne. kate less than 12 weeks into her pregnancy expected to be in the hospital for several more days with her condition. gma has life team coverage in london. lara spencer will update us at 7:00. at 6:30 i'll be back. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:44. the back and forth continues in washington between congress and the white house over the so-called fiscal cliff. this morning president obama will host some of nation's governors to spread his message. the president wants to raise 1.6 trillion in revenue by increasing taxes on top 2% of income earners.
5:44 am
republicans countered with plan it would raise 800 billion dollars in revenue but doesn't call for raising tax rates on the wealthy the proposal was quickly rejected by the white house. if you plan to fly anywhere for the holiday, book your flight right away. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. if you are thinking of flying over the holidays and don't have a ticket yes, book fast. airfares are up 4% compared to last year now that advanced purchase window can keep costs down if you buy 21 days in advance. if you are looking to save, christmas day airfares are cheaper along with december 27th and 31st, 17th and 18, may be good. congress gearing up to overall haul student loan debt collection wisconsin representative expected to introduce a measure this week that would require employers to withhold payments to pay back the loan.
5:45 am
watch for e-mail alert from facebook. giving users until december 10th to vote on whether or not users should have the right to vote on future privacy policies and other changes. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. abc7 news is teaming up with the job journal for another hire event today, recruiters will have more than 350 jobs available at this free event in san jose. companies hiring, hyatt regency, santa clara, new york life insurance and financial services and sleep train. bring your resume to the doubletree hotel in san jose from noon to 4:00 this afternoon. >> the weather should not keep you way. >> not in the south bay, maybe a sprinkle at best until after the sun sets then you get your better chance of rain this time tomorrow probably going
5:46 am
to be the worst as far as getting around. good morning. coming up on 5:47, tuesday, beautiful picture from san francisco in san francisco looking to the east visibility pretty well this morning even with cloud cover. towards mendocino county, clipping northwest corner of sonoma with light rain and sprinkles, a lot of the blue and green sprinkles to light rain, looks like the heaviermd of the rain staying north of the north bay neighborhoods through the morning rush by noon you get your steadier rain. mild temperatures this morning, los gatos 49, everybody else in the low to mid 50s. monterey bay 49 monterey, everybody else in the low 50s inland. steady rain best north bay during the daylight hours. once the sunsets the rain
5:47 am
spreads south and be with us this time tomorrow morning. thursday try pattern still looking like a significant time period of dry weather. couple areas of high pressure sending the storm more north than to the east. this storm does have a little subtropical jet connection so it has healthy rain going to lose most of that rain north of us before it gets into our neighborhoods. 7:00 another batch of light rain moving into the north bay, noon steadier rain in the north bay by 4:00, 5:00 starting to move out of the north bay cross the san pablo bay into the san francisco bay in the evening all of us get wet weather. light rain tomorrow morning. steady rain through noon and showers from noon until 6:00, once we get past sunset, showers start to taper and fog starts to form, especially
5:48 am
inland valleys. rainfall amounts least in the south bay up to a quarter of an inch. half inch peninsula, possibly inch north bay, up to inch and a half north bay mountains not enough to cause flooding. thursday raiders game, broncos in town, cool but dry. temperatures cool a little we will remain dry friday through sunday. now to a live look at 80 berkeley east shore freeway commute pretty good past golden gate fields, university avenue, ashby, a lot of headlights, but you are at the limit towards the macarthur maze, berkeley curve an and points beyond including bay bridge toll. san mateo bridge tail lights towards westbound direction towards the exit and hayward side of things traffic moving lightly on the san mateo bridge, no problems. guadalupe parkway 87 north
5:49 am
towards the julian exit at the limit, nice drive in san jose, busier commutes 580 heavy over the altamont pass into livermore out of antioch highway 4 still less than 20 minutes. 680 san ramon valley from highway 24 to the dublin interchange, about 15 minutes. in san francisco, the proposal to provide free muni rides to youths from low income families could be resolve today with a vet by the transportation agency city leaders came up with a plan last spring to give teens free muni passes regional officials rejected funding. new grant mort more than six million dollars has sur -- has surfaced. 5:50. a man is pushed to his death
5:50 am
on a subway platform. the surveillance video that police hope will led them to the man they say did it. what attracts a man to a woman? the answer may be staring you in the mirror.
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5:52 am
authorities are releasing
5:53 am
new information about a major drug bust in the south bay in all officers seized six million dollars in meth according to the u.s. attorney's office, 11 were arrested in the multi-agency bust. more than 570 pounds of meth was seized, guns, several vehicles and cash. details about where the bust took place aren't being released. who says tv viewers are inactive couch poe a toes? new study suggests tv viewers are quite active on social media the company that measures viewership says one in three using twitter in june sent messages about shows they were watching at that time. 41% of tablet and smartphone owners say at least once a day they use their device while watching tv. a third of people between 18 and 24 report using voices --
5:54 am
using devices while in the bathroom. time for a look at weather. >> come out of the bathroom and check out the forecast. [ talking over each other ] >> tan father, shiney, brand new for you -- sanitary, shiny, bran if you for you. rest of us cloudy with scattered sprinkles low to mid fix sees. north of 80 where we find the -- rain elevation super high heading up to tahoe don't worry about it, 51 there, 55 yosemite. mid 60s sacramento and fresno. 70 in l.a. no chance of drizzle and eight any in palm springs. here's sue. -- good news for muni commuters after a power outage last night had the subway distell down everything is back and restored -- bart
5:55 am
looking good, we have a 20 minute delay for the 5:20 oakland capital corridor train they are having equipment problems. if you take that train expect delays there, no other problems with any of the other capital corridor trains. no metering lights yet traffic beginning to back a little for cash paying folks coming into the city. this is an outrageous story. now in new york city police are looking for a man accused of pushing another man into the path of an oncoming train. police released this video of the suspect arguing with the victim moments before he shoved him off the platform to his death. it happened yesterday at the 49th street station in manhattan. witnesses say the 58-year-old victim tried to climb out of rail bed, but it was too late. several subway leaders who witnessed the train coming and killing him had to be treated for trauma. if you are thinking about getting a flu shot this year, now might be a good time. the flu season starts in
5:56 am
january. the cdc says it is already underway. officials say there has been a big jump in cases in five southern states. the strain they've seen the most so far is especially powerful. they say this year's vaccine is well matched to fight it. officials say more than a third of americans have already been vaccinated. if you believe men seem to love themselves, new study on romance provides some evidence. french researchers asked 100 men to look at foes of women, -- at photos of women. 37% of men thought the face that looked most like theirs was the most attractive. in a different study in 2008, hungarian scientists found women are inclined to choose partners who look like their fathers. next, san francisco and the naked truth. full frontal display expected at today's board of have advisers meeting. fire in the north bay, new
5:57 am
video we just got in we'll tell you more. abuse and scams targeting elderly on rise and people behind these crimes may surprise you. michael finney and
5:58 am
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>> 6:00 on this tuesday morning. i'm kristen sze. i'm


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